Advantages of environmentally friendly cleaning products

When it comes to keeping your office, your school, or your surgery clean, there is no better option for cleaning, than environmentally friendly cleaning products. With a huge range of advantages, this type of cleaning product is our only type, here at Concept Cleaning. Not only are there advantages to the environment, but environmentally friendly cleaning products are also fantastic for people using the space too. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Healthier Work spaces and environments

Chemicals sprayed across surfaces can linger for long periods of time, and can be absorbed into your skin, or inhaled. Even if a cleaning spray is only used once a week, it can have a negative impact on lungs and asthma development. In contract, one of the biggest advantages of environmentally friendly cleaning products is that they do not have this damaging effect.

Positive environmental impact

With recyclable packaging, and chemicals that dont pollute our water, environmentally friendly cleaning products have a huge positive environmental impact. This is great for companies that want to “go green” and be “eco-friendly”.

Safer for human contact and cleaners

Believe it or not another of the advantages of environmentally friendly cleaning products is that they are a lot safer for human contact, especially for the cleaners themselves. This because traditional cleaning products can burn the skin, and cause a variety of dermatitis and allergic reactions. Some of these can even be contagious.

Chemical burns, blindness and chemical fires are all risks that are taken when using standard cleaning products and practices. In contrast, environmentally friendly cleaning products do not pose such high risks, and are tested to meet strict standards.

If you are looking for a cleaning company that will support your eco-friendly and environmentally conscious work environment, then look no further. Here at Concept Cleaning, we use only environmentally friendly cleaning products, as they are better for you, better for the environment, and better for us. Why not contact us today?