Advantages of professional office cleaning

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Here at Concept Cleaning, we offer a range of cleaning services in a variety of settings. From waiting rooms to schools and nurseries, nothing is off limits. Our most popular tasks include office cleaning. But what are the advantages of professional office cleaning?

Office Hygiene

Whenever several people work together in the same space, mess is almost guaranteed. But, while you may tidy and organised your office every evening, that is not going to help the real problem: bacteria.

Let’s face it, not all of us will follow basic social rules, like washing your hands after sneezing or going to the toilet. And these germs quickly spread around an office environment.

Bacteria Hotspots

Some of the bacteria will tend to be located in some common hotspots. These include:

  • The kettle- something that everyone will no doubt touch at least once in a day, the handle and plug gather a lot of bacteria
  • The fridge door- again this is something that everyone will touch and a as a result, ends up with a selection of bacteria collecting on the door
  • The computer keyboard- so you’ve just been to the kettle, and the fridge, and you come back to continue work like an efficient employee. What happens to those germs you just picked up? Well, they are quickly transferred to your computer keyboard. And this is something that is rarely cleaned which makes it the perfect bacteria breeding ground.

Advantages of professional office cleaning

The advantages of professional office cleaning include:

  • thorough cleaning service using environmentally friendly cleaning products, focused on tackling those hotpots and reducing the risk to your staff
  • providing hand soap and sanitizer to keep your staff healthy
  • thorough hoovering, mopping and sweeping to keep your office looking clean and tidy
  • additional services such as waste collection, sanitary bins, and commercial window cleaning

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