The benefits of a tidy office

If the cleaners you hire to clean your work space have a hard time of it, wrenching coffee cups from sticky desks and hoovering up a seemingly endless coating of dust, then you may want to consider having your office tidied more regularly.

As professional cleaners, we come across many different types of office environment, and we can safely say that the cleanest spaces often appear the most productive and harmonious. Here we look at some simple benefits of keeping your office clean and tidy.

1. First impressions are everything

Do you regularly invite potential and existing clients to your office for meetings? Do you ever consider what impression they might be left with after walking through your work space? Just like our home, in work terms our office says everything about us as a company, and for this reason ensuring it is as close to pristine as possible can pay dividends in the end.

2. Mess increases stress

Coming in to a messy, unkempt office space can have your stress levels soaring well before lunch on a normal working day. If we want an environment which is conducive to hard work, concentration and inspiration, then a clean, clear space in which to set about our daily tasks is essential.

3. Organisation improves efficiency

While we are becoming increasingly better at computer-based maintenance, such as deleting old files and installing updates, sometimes organisation in the office can be found wanting. By making sure your work space is as clean and tidy as it can be, you will spend less time looking for that elusive ring binder, or searching for a pen while trying to hold a telephone conversation.

4. Health is paramount

Health and well being should be paramount to any firm which values its workforce, and by regularly having your bins taken out, desks wiped down and computers dusted, you can ensure the potential for the spread of germs is eliminated as much as possible, protecting your employees from illness.