Cleaner offices are great for staff morale

Providing a safe working environment for your staff and equipping them with the tools they need to do the job asked of them are two of your basic responsibilities as a good employer. Paying them a fair salary that reflects their efforts will help to keep everyone happy. Another thing you can do to help employees feel positive about where they spend a large part of their daily lives, is keeping the office fresh and clean.

There are plenty of hair-raising stats available about the number of germs found on common office equipment such as keyboards, telephones, desktop surfaces and even the innocent looking computer mouse, and it will come as no surprise that one way to cut down on cross-contamination and the resultant staff sick days is by making sure everything is hygienically cleaned on a regular basis. The benefits of keeping the office space clean go beyond preventing sick days, however, as a clean and fresh office can help to boost staff morale, as well as productivity.

We all have different standards and while some staff may not care too much – or even notice – a grubby workplace, most of us prefer to work in an office that looks and smells clean. Some people take matters into their own hands and keep their workstation clean themselves and may go even further and clean up after a colleague who is less attentive, but this can actually lead to resentment in the long term, especially if the mess is in shared areas like the staff kitchen.

Investing in the services of a professional cleaning company to not only keep on top of general cleaning, but also set a new standard in workplace cleanliness can give everyone a lift. Once a good cleaning routine is established, another good idea is to have some fresh flowers around the place – you’ll be amazed at the difference this simple change can make to the way staff feel about the workplace!