Cleanliness standards and professional pub cleaning

Here at Concept Cleaning Services, we are Preston’s leading commercial cleaning team. From gyms cleans, to school cleaning, we cover a range of bases. Including pub cleaning. While many pubs might pride themselves on the quality of their ale, or their bar meals, often cleanliness standards can be found lacking. This can be a real issue when it comes to food hygiene inspections. So what is the connection between cleanliness standards and professional pub cleaning?

The health inspector

The health inspector will be visiting all places that prepare and serve food as part of their routine, or when following up on a complaint. While the health inspector will be focused on your food preparation, and food hygiene, to make sure that food hygiene laws are being followed, they will also be interested in other aspects of cleanliness.

The Food Hygiene Regulations of 2006 were set out to make sure that establishments are meeting basic hygiene requirements. This includes the premises itself, the facilities, and the personal hygiene of the staff.

Inspection of the facilities

While our professional cleaning team can’t help with the personal hygiene of your bar staff, we can help your premises to stay clean and hygienic for both you and your customers.

Inspectors will be focusing on a couple of different aspects of your premises. These include:

  • the kitchen or food preparation area
  • the dish-washing area
  • the tables
  • the bar

The inspectors want to see that your methods and facilities for preparing food and cleaning dishes and glasses are sanitary. As a result, our team focuses on removing dirt, bacteria and germs in these areas using a variety of specialist cleaning products, perfect and safe for kitchens.

In addition, they also want to see that your tables are clean, not sticky, and are ready for people to eat at. That’s why we use a table cleaning product that does not contain ION 5, as this can strip the varnish from wooden tables and causes them to become sticky and unpleasant.

For more information about cleanliness standards and professional pub cleaning, get in touch with the experts today, here at Concept Cleaning Services.