Combat seasonal flu’ in your workplace this winter

Although the sun is currently still shining, shortening days are a reminder that autumn and winter are on their way. With the colder weather come coughs, colds and seasonal flu’.

The workplace can be the perfect breeding ground for bugs and viruses. With individuals in close proximity, moving from group to group to participate in meetings and possibly bringing germs in with their offering for the departmental cake-sale, it’s easy to see how infection can spread. According to the Office for National Statistics, just over 27 million working days were lost to minor illnesses (coughs and colds) in 2013.*

Naturally, this absenteeism causes a big dent in productivity for businesses and organisations. Not only this, but sickness can demotivate teams; unwell staff feel rotten, unable to perform to their usual standard, and those who can still function may become resentful of picking up tasks left behind by ill colleagues. The amount of time and money wasted is vast.

Whilst there are steps to take that minimise the likelihood of picking up an illness, offices and workplaces with a high degree of hygiene reap the benefits. Now is the time to plan a cleaning schedule to combat the virulence of seasonal flu’ this winter. Concept Cleaning Services are experts in the provision of professional workplace cleaning to offices in Preston and the surrounding areas. Concept’s staff are fully trained, have a clean uniform every day and follow stringent health and safety guidelines. Concept’s investment in their employees, the latest equipment and products indicates a fresh approach to commercial cleaning.

Germs cluster on computer keyboards and telephones – expert office cleaners reliably tackle this. Bins full of used tissues and other debris are emptied to ensure bacteria isn’t lingering. Calling in the specialists to tailor a cleaning package based around the requirements of your workplace can pay dividends. Overhauling the hygiene and look of office furniture by having the upholstery cleaned and arranging for the carpet to be professionally attended to creates a more agreeable working environment for everyone.

Companies that facilitate pleasant and sanitary offices for their workers are less likely to experience absences. Taking care over your staff’s working environment shows that you are committed to their health and well-being.

Ultimately, commercial cleaners save businesses both time and money; who doesn’t want that?

*Sickness Absence in the Labour Market, February 2014 – Office for National Statistics.