COVID-secure professional office cleaning

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Due to the impact of the pandemic, many employees were told to work from home. But with people heading back into the workplace, and restrictions expected to be fully lifted next month, businesses and workplaces are finding that they need to change the way that their property is cleaned, as well as the frequency of this cleaning. Here at Concept Cleaning Services, we can offer thorough cleaning for your office workplace environment. As leading cleaning and facilities management experts in the North West, we work with companies across the area, including Preston, Blackpool, Bolton and Lytham St Annes. And this is our guide to everything you should know about COVID-secure professional office cleaning.

What does COVID-secure professional office cleaning involve?

To make sure that your workplace is COVID-secure, there are a number of practical steps, including:

  • Identifying frequently touched surfaces- its important that you identify the frequently touched surfaces in the workplace for a high level of professional cleaning. Doors, bannisters, buttons and anything that is touched by lots of people, will need more regular cleaning than normal. This can include:
    • worksurfaces
    • handles
    • control panels
    • computer keyboards
    • shared equipment and kitchen equipment
    • post
  • Implement practical changes- once you have identified the frequently touched surfaces, you should put practical changes into place that involve cleaning these surfaces after each use, or where this is not practical, as frequently as possible.
  • Implement deep and periodic cleaning- periodic cleaning involves cleaning the workplace at different parts of the day. For example, for shift workers, this could be at the start or end of the shift, in preparation for a switch in staff. Deep cleaning is a full clean of the premises, which should be implemented daily.
  • Hire a professional team- by hiring a team of cleaning professionals to tackle your daily deep cleaning, you can help your workplace meet the COVID safe guidelines, and help keep your staff and any customers or clients healthy and happy.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the team today, here at Concept Cleaning Services.