Customers want ‘green’ products

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It has been reported that customers nowadays are becoming more eco conscious and demanding products that are not only well priced, but also high quality and ‘green’.
For manufacturers, this means that creating sustainable products isn’t a choice, it’s an essential requirement. It’s important to take into consideration how manufacturers go about making these products as it needs to have a significant impact on reducing our carbon footprint. Companies now need to take more of a holistic view towards sustainable cleaning products and apply this to their company’s ethics and responsibilities. According to Cleaning Matters, there are three key elements towards a fully sustainable bathroom:

Right Dispensers
Ensure that all your dispensers control the amount of paper it releases to minimise waste but still achieve an effective dry. The latest innovation is one that accommodates two rolls of towels – significantly reducing paper waste and maintenance time.

Sourcing the Right Materials Responsibly
Only choose materials that have come from a sustainable forest as for every tree cut down, another one is planted. This act replenishes the forest and doesn’t have a negative effect on the environment, the consumer or the products.
Companies should also consider the amount of emissions being created when the products are being transported. If they’re going to be truly sustainable, they need to take into consideration the process it has to go through.

Green Ethics
To be able to run a sustainable business, the company needs to follow green ideologies and incorporate them into their everyday work ethic. Companies need to prove and reflect their ethos so people know that their products are what they say they are.
It’s not just appliances either, there is a high demand for sustainable cleaning products also which we can expect to see soon in the market.