Deep cleaning schools over the winter holiday

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With school officially over for the holidays, this can be the perfect time to arrange for deep cleaning for your school, nursery, college or even university building. From classrooms and corridors, to toilets, staff rooms and kitchens, dirt can build up in any part of the school or educational building. And this can also contribute to the spread of so many infections each year. So how important is deep cleaning schools over the winter holiday? Well, here at Concept Cleaning Services, we provide high quality cleaning solutions tailored to meet your needs and requirements. From professional office cleaning, to dental practice cleaning, and full facilities management, we offer a range of services. And this is out guide to everything you should know about deep cleaning your school.

How important is deep cleaning schools over the winter holiday?

Deep cleaning the school or educational building while it is closed for the holidays is a great way to stay on top of large cleaning tasks, and to make sure your property is fresh for the New Year. In fact, there are many advantages to this, including:

  • Removing viruses and bacteria- in any building with lots of people, viruses and bacteria can spread quickly from person to person, and even from person to surface to person. That’s why professional deep cleaning is such an important option. This will help to eradicate any lingering viruses and bacteria, so that your school is clean and sterile for the New Year.
  • Highlighting any overlooked maintenance issues- deep cleaning often involves moving furniture and large pieces of equipment. This means that if there are any overlooked maintenance issues, these will quickly be found and reported. As a result, you can help keep your school in top condition, and prevent any potential risks or hazards.
  • Increasing productivity in the New Year- a clean and tidy environment will be a welcome sign for any returning member of staff or student. Working in a environment that is organised and tidy can dramatically increase productivity, and reduces issues around lost property.

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