Here at Concept Cleaning Services Facility Management (CCSFM), we know what it takes to run and operate a large business premises. And it isn’t easy. So why not let us take some of the strain? Some of the most popular services we offer are designed to keep your property safe. This includes access control, integrated CCTV and fire safety.

Access Control

We can supply and install a range of systems designed tomonitor and control entry and exit points to your property. These advanced electronic access systems can be used for a single door in a small company, or virtually thousands of employees across limitless access points. Either way, you can monitor exactly who has access to your premises. And when.

From key cards and pin codes, to proximity sensors, and even biometric technology, we can offer a secure access system that meets, and exceeds, your requirements.

Integrated CCTV

Here at CCSFM, we supply and install a range of advanced CCTV systems. These can integrate with the access control systems and provide you with live, or recorded, footage of any access control events. From a door being left open accidentally, to a card reported stolen being used to access the building, our integrated CCTV systems can capture any moment. And any threat.

In addition, our IP CCTV systems can also be integrated into your existing IT framework. These internet protocol cameras have built in detection and analysis features. Which means that the presence, and the direction of movement, can be identified and understood. This motion can trigger an alert via email, stream live images to your security centre, and even allow a pan and tilt camera to remotely zoom in on the suspicious activity.

Our CCTV solutions can also link up with software applications. Which means that you can view live CCTV images from your mobile or tablet, even when you’re not on the premises.

In addition, if you use an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) the CCTV systems we install can send images and information directly to the ARC.

Fire safety

All fire alarms that are supplied and installed by us here at CCSFM, conform to the current British Standard. And we can provide analogue, addressable detection systems. These are designed to reduce the number of false activations, and minimise the possibility of false evacuations. Both of which can waste your company valuable time, and money.