Focus areas for gym cleaning

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Keeping a clean gym is a great way to increase your number of customers, and provide a more hygienic environment for both your staff, and your consumers. Regular, professional gym cleaning can be a fantastic option, bringing a variety of advantages. But which areas of the gym really need special attention and frequent cleaning? Well, here at Concept Cleaning Services, we are Preston’s leading cleaning experts.From office and call centre cleaning, to schools, and waiting rooms, we offer a professional and reliable cleaning service across a variety of industries. As a result, we have produced this guide to the focus areas for gym cleaning.

Focus areas for gym cleaning

So which areas of the gym need focused attention? Well, there are several, including:

  • the changing rooms/toilets/showers- these all tend to be in the same place, and if your gym has changing rooms and showers, then they absolutely must be kept clean. After a good workout, your customers expect to be able to relax and unwind as they get changed, and not feel they need to throw their clothes on as fast as possible, and shower at home instead. This is also something that potential customers will see and experience when they try out your gym as a guest. And it will definitely be a deal breaker.
  • the equipment- while every user should be wiping down their own equipment after use, how many people do you see forgetting to do just that? And the sweat that can build up on surfaces, and fabric seats, will start to smell after only a short time. A gym that smells like sweaty socks is not what your paying customers are looking for. And this can certainly be enough to put people off.
  • Doors and surfaces- its not just sweat and dirt that your clients will leave behind. They will also leave their bacteria and germs too. So sanitizing surfaces and door handles is an important task as it can help to keep your staff, and customers, healthy.

For more information or advice about professional gym cleaning, and what we can offer, get in touch with the team today, here at Concept Cleaning Services.