Gyms, leisure centres and health clubs all have the same thing in common, promoting people’s health and well-being. But if your premises is dirty and unclean, it could be having the opposite effect. With many people touching the same equipment, it is easy for viruses and bacteria to pass from person to person, through the different surfaces. As a result, professional gym cleaning is essential to keep your customers happy and content. Here at Concept Cleaning Services, we can offer a professional gym and leisure cleaning service.

What does this involve?

Our professional gym and leisure cleaning will tackle all areas of your premises. From the reception area to the cafe, the changing area to the weights room, we have it covered. You can expect:

  • Full sanitizing of all surfaces and doors throughout the gym, including each locker door, and any cupboards
  • All floors will be cleaned using the appropriate equipment, from the reception carpet to the shower tiles, so that your premises looks great, and smells great too
  • Sauna and steam room cleaning and sanitizing
  • Sanitizing sports equipment, machines and exercise mats
  • Waste removal and disposal
  • Window and glass cleaning and buffing so that all surfaces are clear, reflective and transparent
  • Full reception clean so that your customers get the best first impression

In addition, we also provide extra services, such as:

  • A professional key holding service that you can rely on to open up, and lock up, your gym. This means that we can clean when you aren’t open, so that your gym or leisure centre will be fresh and clean ready for the day ahead.
  • Sanitary and hygiene bins with weekly or monthly collection options
  • Air freshening units to help keep your changing rooms and reception areas fresh
  • Hand soap and hand sanitizer, perfect for your changing rooms and toilets
  • An external waste bin weekly collection of 1100 litres as well as recycling
  • Commercial window cleaning and high level window cleaning, if required
  • Commercial carpet cleaning, if required

So if your gym needs some professional cleaning to keep customer impressions positive, get in touch with the experts today, here at Concept Cleaning Services.