How hygienic is your office?

When it comes to keeping the work space relatively clean and tidy during the day, most people will do a pretty good job. After all, it’s easy enough to put that banana skin in the bin, or wash up the cup after using it.

However, when it comes to keeping the office space hygienic, the task can often be far more difficult. While basic hygiene practices like washing hands after visiting the toilet or using a tissue when sneezing may seem obvious, they are not always adhered to, and this can result in bacteria being spread around the office through a range of different means.

Once bacteria has made its way onto one surface, it may not be long until its carried from a toilet door, to a staircase, to the fridge door, to the ‘on’ button on the kettle, to the kitchen cupboard, to the cup handle, to the computer keyboard, and everything in between.

This hygiene problem is very often compounded by the fact that, no matter how tidy they’re kept, most people don’t treat the office like their home. Most keyboards, computers, chairs, desks, and work spaces will not be cleaned regularly and, as a result, germs can easily fester and remain for days, if not weeks on end.

Luckily, there is a solution, in the form of Concept Cleaning Services. Rather than risk spreading bacteria, we’ll provide regular cleaning services throughout your office, bearing in mind the easy spread of bacteria across an room filled with people every day. We’ll clean keyboards, desks, and other work surfaces regularly, in order to regulate and slow down the spread of bacteria, while at the same time leaving your office looking sparkling and ready to face another day of bustling activity.