How important is dental practice cleaning?

dental practice cleaning

Keeping your dental practice clean and sanitary is a great way to relax your clients, make a good impression, and maintain high sanitary standards. Here at Concept Cleaning Services, we provide high quality cleaning solutions tailored to meet the needs of any dental surgery. But how important is dental practice cleaning? And what can you expect from a professional cleaning service.

How important is dental practice cleaning?

Maintaining high levels of cleanliness for any dental practice is absolutely crucial. In fact, this makes up part of the Code of Practice for the NHS on the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections. This states that all dental practices need to demonstrate that they provide and maintain high standards of cleanliness. This is important for a number of reasons, including:

  • Removing viruses and bacteria- micro-organisms like viruses and bacteria can thrive in a dental surgery, on a range of surfaces. From the reception desk. to the waiting room tables and chairs, and the surgery room itself, you could be putting your patients at increased risk. And this can be dangerous when many of your patients will likely have reduced immune systems, because of tooth and jaw issues. The most vulnerable include young children and elderly people. Professional cleaning can remove these micro-organisms, and help stop the spread of infections and viruses.
  • Making a good impression- from a business perspective, especially for dentists operating privately, the patient impression of your surgery is crucial. A clean and welcoming dental practice that also smells fresh is much more appealing to those who need to use your services.

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