Keep the outside of your office as clean as the inside

Many businesses focus on keeping the inside of their buildings looking spick and span, yet the outside of an office should demand as much consideration.

First impressions count

When clients come to visit your work premises, the outside of the building is the first thing they will see, and there is much truth in the saying that ‘first impressions count’. No matter how clean the inside of your office is, if it looks scruffy from the outside, that all-important first impression will have already been made.

Concept Cleaning Services are not just in business to keep the inside of your office looking pristine, but they are experts at ensuring the outside looks in tip-top condition, too.

As well as ensuring both internal and external windows are sparkling, Concept Cleaning are able to keep lobby and entrance areas looking clean and tidy, so a positive first impression can be made.

Waste removal

Litter can build up both inside and outside an office, so it’s important to pay attention to keeping internal and external areas free from mounting waste. In particular, litter outside can blow around, attract vermin and insects, and generally lower the kerb appeal of any building. When choosing your cleaning services, look for a company such as Concept Cleaning, who can make sure litter is removed inside and outside from entrance areas, car parks, bins and smoking shelters.


You may have someone looking after your plants inside, but what about outdoors? Weeds, dried out hanging baskets and overgrown shrubs can create an unfavourable impression of your business, so consider using facilities management services to care for outside planting areas. A well-managed and attractively designed landscaped area in front of your office building can also go a long way to ensuring visitors view your business in a positive light.