Deep cleaning in schools

No matter the age of the children, schools will always be a great place for grime, bacteria, and dirt to gather. As a result, deep cleaning of the school building is a necessity to make sure your school stays clean and to prevent illnesses spreading. Here at Concept Cleaning Services, we are school cleaning experts. […]

Cleaning your office carpet

Offices can become incredibly dirty over a short period of time. This is also true of office carpets. In addition, they can show wear and tear quite quickly, especially in areas of high traffic. To keep your office carpet healthy, clean and looking its best, you need to follow a carpet cleaning routine. Here at […]

Office Hygiene

Keeping your work space clean and tidy is important. A clean and well maintained office will boost productivity and has a positive impact on personal outlook. Here at Concept Cleaning Services, we know just how important cleanliness can be. As a result, we have produced this guide to office hygiene. Tidiness Many people can keep […]

Cleaning Prep for Winter

Office Cleaning Prep for the Winter! Due the days becoming shorter and the nights becoming colder, it’s critical that you start preparing yourself and others around you, if you haven’t already. Making sure your workplace is a germ free environment should be the number one priority on your list! It is essential that your office […]

Customers want ‘green’ products

Check Our Eviromental Policy It has been reported that customers nowadays are becoming more eco conscious and demanding products that are not only well priced, but also high quality and ‘green’. For manufacturers, this means that creating sustainable products isn’t a choice, it’s an essential requirement. It’s important to take into consideration how manufacturers go […]

Cleaning Specifications 101

Different types of buildings require different forms and needs of cleaning requirements. It primarily boils down to the client and what kind of establishment it is. For example, hospitals and intensive care units will require the cleanliness to be near sterile whilst offices and workshops range from general to basic levels of cleanliness. Below we […]