At Concept Cleaning Services we know just how important it is for your office to be kept clean and tidy. Not only will this help improve the productivity and work ethic of the office, it also gives a great impression. At the same time, offices can develop germ hotspots over time, and these need special cleaning attention to stop your colleagues and employees from dropping down with illness and viruses.

What can Concept Cleaning Services offer?

As a result, our professional and trained staff can offer a variety of office cleaning services. Not only can we arrange regular and efficient cleaning services to keep your office looking great, we actually provide an in depth and thorough service. This can include:

  • A professional key holding service to open and lock your office, helping to keep you secure. This also comes with a call out service in case of emergencies.
  • Sanitary and hygiene bins with both weekly and monthly collection options depending on the circumstances of your office.
  • Air freshening units to help keep your office smelling as well as looking fresh.
  • Hand soap and hand sanitizer, perfect for your office toilets and kitchen spaces.
  • Providing, supplying, and maintaining office plants, as every office can benefit from natural plants
  • Janitorial supplies including paper towels, toilet roll, eco-cleaning products and all dispensers

Waste Management

In addition to all the other professional services we can offer, we also have a range of waste management options. These include:

  • An external waste bin weekly collection of 1100 litres as well as recycling.
  • Consoles for confidential waste and confidential paperwork to be shredded. These can be shredded off site and can be collected weekly or monthly depending on your needs.

Extra Cleaning Services

Further to all of the above services, we can also provide additional cleaning services including:

  • Commercial window cleaning and high level window cleaning.
  • Commercial carpet cleaning.

So why not have one professional and respected company take care of your office today? From thorough cleaning to waste management and added extras, Concept Cleaning Service & Facilities Management LTD can even provide you with named brand tea, coffee, and sugar! Contact us for more information.