As winter approaches, so does flu season and the chance of picking up a pesky virus becomes all the more common. We’ve put together a handy checklist of office germ hotspots to help you get through flu season unscathed. We all know that germs can be found on doorknobs and in office toilets but there are a few germ hotspots that may surprise you. Read on to discover the top three places for germs to lurk:

Food menus

Ordering bacon sandwiches for a Friday morning treat, working late or having food delivered to your office for a client meeting is all part of the perks of working for a great company but have you ever stopped to think about how many people have browsed the menu? Menus are often passed around from employee to employee and then stashed away in a draw until the next time you need to place an order and it will most likely never be cleaned in-between.

Lift buttons

We all know that taking the stairs is a great way to stay active when you work in an office but did you also know it is also the best option when it comes to staying germ free? Every employee who enters the lift uses the lift buttons and germs can often be passed between one employee and another simply by choosing the right floor.

Work phones

Did you know that an average office desk boasts more bacteria than a toilet seat? Employees may take the time to clean their own phones but whose responsibility is it to clean the phones in communal areas, such as conference rooms? Up to a hundred employees could come in to contact with the phone receiver and the keypad in a meeting room and that’s just over one day.

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