Office Hygiene

Keeping your work space clean and tidy is important. A clean and well maintained office will boost productivity and has a positive impact on personal outlook. Here at Concept Cleaning Services, we know just how important cleanliness can be. As a result, we have produced this guide to office hygiene.


Many people can keep an office space tidy. From washing up to sorting paperwork, a tidy office feels more productive and is very beneficial. However, many people confuse a tidy and well organised office for a clean office. So, what’s the difference? Well, although a tidy office may look nice, it can be harbouring bacteria.

Office Hygiene

Washing up and using a paperwork system are not the only social rules people in an office should follow. Washing your hands after sneezing, or after going to the toilet, may seem like basic rules, but people do forget. This leads to bacteria being spread throughout the office.

Bacteria Hotspots

From a toilet door to the fridge, bacteria is quickly carried around. But where are the bacteria hotspots? Some of them include:

  • The kettle- everyone wants a cup of tea or coffee throughout the working day. This makes the kettle a key area of bacteria collection, as everyone touches it. The handle and the switch are the main bacteria culprits.
  • The fridge door- storing the milk in the office fridge is a given, but again this means everyone is going to be using the door handle. As a result, bacteria easily builds up on this surface and will be spread around.
  • The computer keyboard- although you may be the only person to use your keyboard, the germs picked up by touching communal areas will be transferred to your computer. This means that the keyboard is a great place for germs to breed and multiply. It is also a place that is rarely cleaned, again posing a bacteria risk.

Hire a cleaner

The health risk your office poses can be huge. By hiring a professional and regular cleaning services team, your office can remain clean and hygienic. Why not contact us at Concept Cleaning Services today?