Plants in the Office

Here at Concept Cleaning, we provide a wide range of cleaning and janitorial services. But, did you know that we can also supply your offices with some top quality products? From high quality tea and coffee, to office plants, we have your office covered. But why would you need plants in the office? And are there any advantages?

Psychology and plants in the office

A welcome distraction to our over-worked brains, greenery and foliage plants help us feel refreshed during breaks and focused during tasks.
Flowers on office plants also have the psychological effect of creating a more positive mood. Subconsciously, a flowering office plant can bring a smile and evoke more positive work related emotions.

Air quality

Plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. When you consider this in relation to an office environment, plants definitely make sense. This is because they can improve the quality of the air in the office, if you have one plant for every three workers. In fact, if you follow this ratio, the carbon dioxide level in the office can be cut by half. This means less yawning, more oxygen, and as a result, more productivity.


Workplace plants and office foliage can actually reduce stress levels and help manage negative feelings in the office. This is supported by a study by the University of Technology in Sydney in 2010.

Morale and productivity

If your workplace looks cared for, well maintained and the plants are happy and thriving, this boost employee morale. Nobody wants to work in a stale office. Plants can help your workforce feel at home, and breath life into the office environment.

In summary

Plants in the office environment bring a range of benefits. From boosting the air quality, to helping relieve stress and tension. If you need a range of office plants, why not contact us today? Here at Concept Cleaning, we not only clean your offices, we can supply and maintain your office plants too!