Regular office cleaning or a one off deep clean?

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Here at Concept Cleaning, we know how important it is for your office to be kept clean and tidy at all times. From the build up of dirt and bacteria, to the hazards of a messy office, a clean and tidy office is essential to the health and well-being of your staff. But should you consider a regular office cleaning, or a one off deep clean? Well, we can help with either, so here is a comparison of the two options.

Regular office cleaning

A regular office cleaning is a great option for medium to large size office spaces with multiple employees. Especially if you also provide a kitchen area and a bathroom. After all, with multiple employees, things are going to become dirty quite quickly.

Our regular office cleaning service can take care of all manner of cleaning jobs. Including:

⦁ vacuuming, mopping and cleaning the floors
⦁ cleaning, scrubbing and wiping down all surfaces
⦁ full cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens spaces, especially in hard to reach or tricky limescale spots
⦁ Wipe down of all the doors and other “shared surfaces”

We can also offer waste disposal, tea and coffee refills, soap and sanitizers and office plants.

As you can see, this regular cleaning can make sure that potentially dangerous bugs like the cold and flu virus wont be lingering on your surfaces where they can easily be passed onto other employees. It also means that your toilets will always be clean and fresh.

Whether this cleaning is arranged for once a week, once a fortnight, or once a month is entirely up to you and will depend on what your office space needs.

One off office cleaning

Perfect for blitz cleaning three or four times a year, one off cleaning is a good way to keep on top of cleaning jobs in a small to mid sized office space. With less employees, less mess and dirt is likely to collect, and so a more sporadic deep cleaning can be effective.

Alternatively, if you have seasonal breaks for Christmas and summer, this can be a good time for a larger office to organise a one off cleaning service, and get the office space fresh and clean for the returning employees.

A one off cleaning will involve all the same tasks as the regular cleaning, but also a few more in depth jobs, like carpet cleaning.

To book a regular office cleaning or a one off deep clean, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Concept Cleaning Services.