Are Robots the Future of Cleaning?

A company known as Cleanfix has created the latest robot known as the ‘Scrubber Dryer’: Robot RA 660 NAVI who is known to scrub and dry any floor more quickly and efficiently than any human, using three different cleaning brushes and pads and a suction unit.

How it works is that someone is required to fill the robot up with water and then switch it on. It is then controlled using a tablet with a SIM character card tracker that instantly connects the robot to the internet. Although it costs £20,000 to buy it, you can now purchase a rental model that is available for £125 a week.

Matthias Strobel – someone who works for the company has stated that, “it can help overcome the challenges of skills shortages, and also raise and provide consistent quality and help with rising personnel costs.” An advantage is that they can work for longer hours and throughout the night.

Another robot from another cleaning company by the name of ADLATUS Robotics is designed to professionally clean floors in supermarkets and public buildings. The robot uses sensors to detect where an area has been cleaned and where one hasn’t. It can also sense and avoid any obstacles and recharge its own batteries at its provided service station. It costs £25,000 and will be available at the end of 2016.

Sealed Air Diversity UK has also created the first ‘Intellibot’ known as TASKI SWIGBOT 1650 that saves up to 80% on labour costs and is also eco-friendly. It uses up to 85% less water than the previous two robots and works a minimal 8-hour shift. It is also fitted with a monitoring system where it can communicate on its utilisation performance and also perform diagnostics on itself as well. This prevents machine downtime for a better quality performance.