Here at Concept Cleaning Services we provide a professional and reliable service to clients in a variety of settings. Some of our youngest clients, are school children! All joking aside, we do offer a fantastic school cleaning service. No matter the mess the youngsters create, from primary school, right through to colleges and universities, we can provide the perfect cleaning package.

Our school cleaning services

We know that schools can be messy places, especially primary schools, full of glitter, paint, and snacks. Even secondary schools, with a canteen for 500 students, are always going to get messy! But we also know how effectively we can clean your classrooms. In fact, every morning we know it will be gleaming and spotless, ready for the day ahead.

Schools might be full of happy children throwing paint around, or grumpy teenagers dropping litter, but they also have a darker side. Schools are fantastic breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and viruses to spread. As a result, we know that it’s not only imperative to leave your classrooms and corridors looking clean and shiny, they also need to be free of germs. That’s why we use a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products to ensure full and deep cleanliness.

What can we offer for school cleaning?

  • Sanitary bins collected weekly or monthly depending on what your school needs.
  • Air freshening units to help keep your corridors or classrooms smelling fresh and welcoming.
  • Hand sanitzer units and soap to maintain healthy practices.
  • Legionella testing and reports to keep your students and staff safe.
  • Confidential waste collection and off site shredding, with weekly and monthly collections.
  • Supplies including paper towels and toilet rolls.
  • Termly carpet cleaning to take place in school holidays.
  • Window cleaning which can be arranged out of school hours to prevent distractions.
  • Top brand tea, coffee, and sugar because we know teachers deserve a break.

In addition, we also offer a key holding service which means we can open or lock your school, and can offer a call out service.

Also, we can collect external 1100 litre waste bins and recycling on a weekly basis.

In summary

Our school cleaning services can keep your classrooms clean, and your students healthy. We can also clean carpets and windows during school holidays, and offer waste, recycling, and confidential waste collection. If your school needs a professional cleaning team, contact us at Concept Cleaning Services today.