Study Reports that Connectivity Will Increase Office Efficiency

It has been found that 73% of all office workers feel that connectivity will have an increased positive impact on their work life. 40% of office workers also believe that connecting objects to the internet will have a positive impact upon their hygiene.

This study was found by the Tork manufacturer where they asked the opinions of 8,000 office workers in 17 cities around the world. They also carried out interviews with important industry figures from different companies.

SCA Communications Manager – Jamie Wright stated that: “The message came through clearly that efficiency at work could be greatly improved if offices became more connected, industry chiefs feel that these apps could be used from finding the next available meeting room to controlling the heating system, or even finding a toilet!”

Tork EasyCube is a concept in which it sends push notifications to cleaners through their smartphone when soap or other dispensers are running low. This provides real time information and enables facility and management staff to address issues and solve problems before they happen. This also decreases any complaints that may happen if they did not know about low cleaning products.

The company also want to up their game by analysing the data to factor any changes during the design stage. They can then understand how the facilities are being used and workplaces can then better match the needs of their employees.

This is all in light of the recent findings in which a total 79% of employees said they are not willing to tolerate poor hygiene standards at work. Also, more than half of the employees worry about becoming ill and spreading it among their co-workers.

Hygiene is something we should all take seriously, especially in and around the workplace, where we want to feel are best.