The gruesome truth about your office

Concept Cleaning Services specialise in office cleaning services, and we make sure that every office we service is hygienically clean when we leave, and ready for your employees to do their jobs with maximum efficiency. After all, your office is a busy place, with lots of different people spending their day there. It doesn’t take much for surfaces to get contaminated. Without the help of a regular cleaner, your office could soon become home to some scary invaders.

Dr Charles Gerba, a microbiology professor at the University of Arizona, recently carried out a study into cleanliness in offices, and it makes for scary reading. Here are the top five offenders you’ll find in your workplace.

1. Telephone

With over 25,000 bacteria living on it, your phone is a hotbed of organisms. This is unsurprising if you think about the number of people who might be using it, and how closely it has to be held to the face and hands.

2. Desk

The average desk is home to 20,000 bacteria – maybe more if you hotdesk. With 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat, it’s really important that desks are properly cleaned.

3. Keyboard

It’s no surprise that 3,295 bacteria were found on one keyboard. Think about all those dirty fingers, crumbs from sandwiches, the odd sneeze…

4. Mouse

Living right next to the keyboard is the mouse or track pad. It suffers from the same problems as its neighbour, and is home to more than 1,500 bacteria. Passed around, running over contaminated surfaces, and general usage mean that your mouse is not the friend you thought it was!

5. Photocopier

The photocopier isn’t somewhere people tend to hang about for long, and as a result only has around 301 bacteria living on it.

You’re probably wondering where the toilets are on that list. Well, believe it or not, the average office toilet seat has less than 50 bacteria on it. It’s more likely that any unpleasant smells from the toilet block are due to an unclean toilet floor, but that’s another story entirely. Get in touch with Concept Cleaning Services today to speak to us about making sure your office is clean from top to bottom.