Things to look for when choosing a contract cleaning service?

When you outsource any service it’s important to look for a contractor who shares your company values. Cleaning contractors are no exception. If your company aims to meet high environmental standards, this needs to be considered in every service you buy in from outside. Choosing a commercial cleaning contractor who cares about the environment has many benefits.

Customer satisfaction

Nowadays many customers are keen to know that ethical and environmental policies are carried right the way through the supply chain, and employing a cleaning contractor with robust environmental policies and practices demonstrates your commitment to the environment. Working towards high ethical and environmental standards gives you the opportunity for some positive PR for your company, and this may help you to attract more customers. Being able to publicise that your contract cleaners are using eco friendly cleaning products can be a real selling point for your business.

Employee satisfaction

When you choose a cleaning contractor who uses environment friendly products it shows that you are considering the health of your employees. It sends the message to your teams that you value their welfare. Many chemicals used for cleaning contain toxins and allergens which can have a negative impact on people’s health, in the short term, long term or both. Some people are particularly sensitive to allergens and these people will certainly appreciate it if you employ a cleaning contractor who uses high quality environment friendly products without toxins, to avoid triggering allergies.

Your environmental policy

If your own company has a strong environmental policy you need to demonstrate to people interested in your company including shareholders, that you consider the environment in the way your company is run. You can do this by selecting a company for contract cleaning who also have respect for the environment and are also aiming to achieve high environmental standards.

The feel good factor

It simply feels good to know that you are doing your bit for the environment by employing a contractor with a good ethical and environmental policy and record. This can also have a positive impact on employees who are interested in the environment and who will feel proud to work for an organisation which takes the trouble to use commercial cleaners who care about the environment too.

Of course there are other factors to consider when selecting a contractor for cleaning services, such as customer service, efficiency and cost, but if the environment matters to you, your customers, your employees and your shareholders, this could also be an important deciding factor.