What do our professional facilities management services include?

plumbing and heating

Here at Concept Cleaning Services, we are Preston’s leading cleaning professionals. From schools and surgeries, to restaurants and gyms, we offer a range of professional cleaning services that will leave your property spotless. But we also offer full facilities management too. So what do our professional facilities management services include? And would this be the right fit for your company?

Facilities management

Our facilities management services are all about providing a one stop shop for companies and businesses that would like all of their requirements taken care of by one company. This means that you only need the one number to dial, no matter which service you require. Here at Concept Cleaning, we have invested our time into developing facilities management that works effectively, to save you time and money.

What do our professional facilities management services include?

So, what do our facilities management services involve? Well, we can provide:

  • full and professional cleaning
  • electrical services
  • plumbing and heating
  • access control, fire services and CCTV

Full and professional cleaning

Our background is in the cleaning industry. We have a wealth of experience in professional cleaning, and we have developed the staff training, the techniques and the skills to deal with any cleaning requirement in any property. We also offer full janitorial services too, and can replenish your office plants, hygiene products, and even your tea and coffee.

Electrical services

We also provide full electrical services, including installation, design, testing and maintenance. We can provide large commercial facilities with a 24/7, round the clock, electrical services that they can count on. 

Plumbing and heating

We can also offer plumbing and heating installation, repair and maintenance work, whenever you need it. Our team of professionals are ready to respond at any time, 24/7.

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