Beat the office blues this winter

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Here at Concept Cleaning Services, we know how important keeping a clean office is. But winter is the time of the year when business owners and CEO’s see our point of view most often. With colds and flu viruses spreading like wildflower across the workforce, keeping clean is essential. As Preston’s leading cleaning company, we have produced this guide to help you beat the office blues this winter.

Winter issues

During the winter, the days become shorter and the nights get longer. And then of course there is the drop in temperature and the influx of bad weather. All of this means that we spend more and more time inside, with many of your office staff huddling around their desk for longer. Naturally, more time spent together, especially in one area, leads to the easy transference of germs and viruses. As a result, winter means more employee absences.

Cleaning and maintenance

Here at Concept Cleaning Services, we can help you keep your office spaces clean and free from bacteria build ups. As well as our general cleaning practices, we will:

  • thoroughly clean all computers and desk spaces using anti-bacterial, environmentally friendly products
  • focus our attention on shared spaces, such as the kettle, fridge, toilets, and doors, as where your employees share items is where they will transfer bacteria and viruses
  • hoover and dust as required
  • Provide hand soap and hand sanitizer, perfect for your office toilets and kitchen spaces.

If you think your office could benefit from focused, professional cleaning this winter, get in touch with the experts today, here at Concept Cleaning Services.