So, the dentist might not be everyone’s favourite cup of tea, but it’s a visit we each have to make. Here at Concept Cleaning Services, we know how important it is for your dental practices to be kept clean, tidy, and most importantly, free from viruses and bacteria. As a result, we can offer a top quality cleaning service for dental practices.

Our Dental Practice Cleaning Services:

The services we can offer for your dental practice go above and beyond our general cleaning practices of hoovering, disinfecting, polishing, and collecting waste. In fact, our dental practice cleaning services include:

  • A professional key holding service for opening and locking your dental practice. This is great for cleaning on days when you might close early or are not even open, as it means you don’t have to be disturbed. We can also offer a call out service for emergencies.
  • Clinical waste bin collection either weekly or monthly depending on the needs and circumstances of your dental practice.
  • Sanitary waste bins collected weekly or monthly.
  • 1100 litre waste bin collection, as well as recycling collection.
  • Air freshening units to help keep your practice smelling fresh and welcoming.
  • Hand sanitser units and soap to maintain healthy practices in your dental surgery.
  • Commercial carpet cleaning.
  • Branded tea, coffee, and sugar (or sugar alternatives for your dentist) are also something we can supply at very competitive prices.

We can also provide plants for your waiting areas and corridors, and keep them well maintained.

So, if your dental practice is in need of a professional and reliable cleaning service, why not contact us at Concept Cleaning Services today?