For top notch cleaning services in Chorley, Concept Cleaning Services are the professionals for you. We take pride in our top class customer service and take time to really listen to what our customers want, so that we can provide the best possible commercial cleaning services across Chorley. So for cleaning solutions tailored to meet the requirements of your company or business, get in touch today!

Tailored, flexible services

Growing and adapting is essential for any successful business, large or small. And as your circumstances change, so can your requirements. That’s why here at Concept Cleaning Services, we offer flexible cleaning services that can fit around your schedule, adapt to your changing needs, and are fully tailored to meet all of your individual requirements. From office restructuring to operations diversification, we can provide maintenance, cleaning and janitorial services to suit your changing business needs.

Staff training is key

Keeping our staff trained and supporting their professional development is another very important goal of ours here at Concept Cleaning Services. We know the value of committed staff and we are prepared to invest in our team. We always provide the right materials and equipment to keep our employees safe, and we offer full training programs too. This means that when you choose our services, you can be sure of hiring experienced, reliable and enthusiastic professional cleaners in Chorley.

Go green with Concept Cleaning Services

Changing and adapting practices to be more environmentally friendly is an important consideration for most companies and businesses across a wide range of industry sectors. From minimizing single use plastics to reducing energy consumption, eco-friendly habits and practices are becoming increasingly important. And that’s why our professional cleaning services are fully eco friendly. We use a variety of high quality, eco friendly cleaning products and janitorial supplies so that your company can benefit from a clean workspace, without the environmental costs.

For top quality, professional commercial and office cleaning in Chorley, we are the team for you. Our cleaning and maintenance services are tailored to meet your needs and requirements, and our eco-friendly services help you meet environmental goals too. To find out how we can help your company or business, get in touch with us today, at Concept Cleaning Services.