Professional gym cleaning can boost sales

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If your gym or fitness centre is losing out on clients and sales, there could be a quick way to fix your problem. Professional gym cleaning. While your gym might get the daily hoover and quick wipe down, a professional gym cleaning will tackle a range of cleanliness issues that you might not have noticed. From stained carpets to dirty ceiling tiles, its easy to “unsee” things in a familiar environment. But any new customers or clients will notice immediately. And this could be partly to blame for your decreasing performance. Here at Concept Cleaning Services, we are Preston’s leading commercial cleaning team. And we know how important it is for any business to stay clean, tidy and fresh. Including gyms. As a result, we have produced this guide to show you how professional gym cleaning can boost sales.

Make your first impression count

Taster days and free sessions are a fantastic way to get new clients through your doors and try out your gym. But is your gym ready for them? Anything other than a spotless, clean space will cast doubts in the mind of your potential customers. And will make your effort less effective. As a result, before any taster or open day, you should:

  • steam clean your carpets and all the floors to remove stains and ingrained dirt
  • wash all your windows, outside and in, to give the best impression from all angles
  • clean all of the tiles and even re-grout if necessary- lots of gym shower areas and swimming pool areas are full of mould and mildew that can look unsightly and off-putting
  • clean all of the machines and make sure they are working

Our professional cleaning team, here at Concept Cleaning Services, can take care of all he hard work for you, so you can concentrate your efforts on the clients.

A hygienic environment

Once your taster day has brought people in, and they have seen the hygienic environment you can offer, you can be sure that membership rates will increase. This is because one of the big things that can prevent people from joining a gym, is the sweaty shared areas, and the thought of verrucas. A hygienic and clean environment will put their mind at ease, and this can be the deciding factor when choosing your gym over any other.

For more information get in touch with the professionals today, here at Concept Cleaning Services.