Professional office cleaning services in Chorley

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We provide tailored, high quality cleaning and facilities management services to companies across Chorley, here at Concept Cleaning Services. As such, the thorough cleaning of offices, call centres and other commercial business settings is our area of expertise.So what do our professional office cleaning services include? And why should Chorley based businesses choose our services?

What is included as part of our professional office cleaning services in Chorley?

When choose our team here at Concept Cleaning Services you can be sure of not only a high quality of customer service, but an excellent and thorough cleaning result too. Our professional office cleaning services include:
  • All types of floor cleaning- from carpet to tiles and even hard wood surfaces we have the equipment and the training to be able to fully clean and sterilise all floor spaces in your office environment. Not only can this help remove negative odors and smells from your working environment, but it can also help your office feel brighter and the floors look lighter.
  • Shared space cleaning- in any office environment shared equipment and spaces are part and parcel of office life. This includes hot desk situations, shared phones and office kitchen and bathroom areas. Here at Concept Cleaning services we will fully clean all shared areas and spaces reducing the opportunity for germs to spread through your office and helping keep your work environment safe and clean.
  • Touch point cleaning- similarly to shared spaces, touch points are areas of the office that are touched frequently by many different people. This can leave behind bacteria and germs just waiting to be picked up by the next person. With out professional cleaning services, all of these areas will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Walls, doors and glass- to make sure your office is in top condition we will also clean all walls, doors and glass.
For more information about our top quality commercial cleaning solutions in Chorley, contact the professionals today here at Concept Cleaning.