Does your office needs professional cleaning?

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With people returning to the office to work after the pandemic, keeping this clean and tidy can be crucial. But what are the signs that your office needs professional cleaning? And why is this a good idea? Well, here at Concept Cleaning Services, we are Preston’s leading cleaning professionals. From gyms, pubs and restaurants, to schools, offices and doctors surgeries, we provide a range of high quality cleaning solutions for businesses around the area. And this is our guide to the key signs that your office needs professional cleaning.

What are the clear signs that your office needs professional cleaning?

  1. You don’t know what colour the kitchen work surface is. If the kitchen work surface in your office is covered in dishes, cups, paperwork and other office items, it could be time for a professional clean. You might also consider organising a kitchen rota to keep on top of this in future.
  2. The office has a weird smell. If there is a weird, unexplained smell when you go into your office, or guests comment on an unusual smell, it’s actually gone past time for a professional clean. Dirt, debris and dead skin build ups can all result in a funky office smell, as well as old bins and rubbish laying around. If you’re office hits this stage fairly regularly, you might want to consider hiring a professional cleaner more regularly, to keep your office functional and professional.
  3. Your employees are returning to the office- if your staff are making a return back to the office for work, after working remotely over the pandemic, it is essential that your office is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. This can make the office a more pleasant space to return too, making the adjustment easier for your staff. It can also help ensure that the environment is safe, meeting covid safe standards.

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